Last week, September 15th-16th,  we presented the project Water agent on EUSDR Seminar PA2 in Prague. On this occasion, we had several meetings within the panel group with interested partners from different countries. Journey to Prague we used for meetings in the region. In Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, in constructive discussions, met interested organizations and school which introduced with our project. We had meetings with NGO Živica from Slovakia and Udruga Lijepa naša from Croatia. Also, we visited Serbian school “Nikola Tesla” in Budapest.
wateragent-in-prague-01 wateragent-in-prague-02 wateragent-in-prague-03 wateragent-in-prague-04 wateragent-in-prague-05 wateragent-in-prague-06 wateragent-in-prague-07 wateragent-in-prague-08 wateragent-in-prague-09