An average European, according to statistics, consumes 150 l of water per day on average. It meets its needs. Can you imagine how every day, wherever you go, carry, for your own needs, the necessary amount of water? The modern man’s privilege is also easily accessible and quality drinking water. The modern mind’s unreasonableness is that this drinking water irrational consumes, contaminates and consumes in an inadequate way. Our mission is to educate children and their parents to reduce , recycle and reuse water, at first.  The modern way of life threatens water and water resources more and more. That is why we have chosen to educate children in modern large cities in order to recognize the importance of water in nature and to prevent the problem of the underdeveloped countries. The project Water agent of the Danube Region, which brings young generations every day into the situation that the accompanying water consumption changes their habits in dealing with this indispensable natural resource. By connecting an innovative product, information technology and educational content, they build a network of Water agents throughout Danube region and wider.


How do we do it? By communication. Communication is the creation of mental links that are getting stronger and stronger in each new encounter, and building relationships that allow us to accomplish our mission. Part of our mission is also events such as the 3rd International Conference of the Water agency Association. The organization of the III International Conference would not be easy without a pre-built connections and partnerships. In this regard, we would like to thank all the participants, guests and partners with whom we have cooperated, to build a project of the Water Agent during the time and to support the organization of this very important event for us.


As Henry Ford said: „The rapprochement is the beginning, staying together is progress, cooperation is a success“. Our cooperation with all of you is a proof of our success.

See you at the IV International Conference of the Water Agency in 2018.

Majda Adlešić, program manager

The Water agency Association